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Leah Dowell, Photographer
Do you have an upcoming event you want memories of? Need pictures of  that special something? Have a place in mind? Love how you look in that hunting gear? Want a picture of it? Drop us a line!
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About Dragon Fire Foto
        Dragon Fire Foto  founded in 2011 knowing all moments and memories should be captured and cherished. After photographing bands and fans since 1997 in multiple venues, over 3 states, and in Canada; Our main photographer worked with a company for over 3 years photographing children of all ages. Shoots were both on-site and in a studio setting. Shoots varied from Senior portraits, graduation photos, and school picture day. In between shoots, our photographer makes sure to stay in focus by photographing everything from weather, nature, pets, friends, and family.

       Dragon Fire Foto is located on the outskirts of beautiful Dundee MI. With a family history that goes back more than a century in the area it seemed only right to record the surroundings with photography. We treat every customer like they are family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.
Leah has worked with bands such as Krescent 4, Al Hill and the Love Butlers, The Howling Diablos, Hello Dave and more! Leah began working with schools shooting graduations and yearbooks photos. Later, branching out to photographing social events, real estate, and more.
Committed to getting the best shot for your memories.
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     Available for:
  Birthdays, Holidays, Wedding Parties,
  Organizations, Events, and Happenings
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Willow Run Thunder Over Michigan  
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Snow Photos 2013
The original photo is top left.It was nightfall by the time the photos were taken of this massive deer and there was no moon overhead. This photo Features Adam Stretch (left) and David Stretch (right) with the buck labeled as a 16 point by qualitydeerprocessing.com taken in Dundee, Michigan.